East Devon Round 4th May 2019

Winner Tristan Stephenson wins the 100km East Devon Round in an incredible time of 12hrs 21 mins. East Devon Round 4th May 2019 May 4th 2019 was a long time in the making. Over 5 years a circular route of East Devon encompassing many of Honiton RC’s favourite trails, views, and villages were squeezed into one loop. Only with the kind permission of private landowners, including East Devon Council and Seaton Wetlands, has such an event been possible. The aim was to showcase the



The East Devon Round is a 62 mile ultra marathon encompassing some of the highlights of East Devon, bringing like minded people together to do something extraordinary. In doing so, it aims to raise a little bit of money for local causes - having supported a playgroup and primary school in its inaugural year. Having listened to an interview by Empire Fighting Chance discussing the work they do with vulnerable children in Bristol and South Wales, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected them And also being no stranger to mental health battles - I would like to try raise a bit of money. So....On Sunday I will heading out on the East Devon Round route close to home and be running a marathon. As luck would have it, Empire Fighting Chance are shortly to announce a Run a Marathon Anyway in May so this might just get them started.