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Coast Path Friendly Activities

At 630 miles, the South West Coast Path is England's longest National Trail. Widely considered one of the best and most dramatic trails in the world, the cumulative ascent of the whole Path is equalivent to scaling Everest four times. It's no wonder so many events and tours choose the Coast Path as the stage for their adventures.

The East Devon Round traverses one of the greenest and lushest section of the entire coast path, taking in the notorious 'Undercliffs' section with all its hundreds of steps. This section has had to be repaired of late due to the landslip above Goat Island, and only re-opened again in 2018. 

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By pledging to give a contribution of just £1* per participant towards the work of caring for the National Trail we at the East Devon Round hope we are helping, in our own small way,  secure a sustainable future for both the National Trail and all those events that use the trail.