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Barefoot Anna

On Tuesday 22nd October, several runners from East Devon joined adventurer and author Anna McNuff for a section of her barefoot adventure through the United Kingdom. Anna is very close to completing her 100 barefoot marathons across the UK with the aim of encouraging young people to reach for the impossible. Having started in June in the Shetland Isles, Anna has carved her way over 5 months and 2,260 miles along coastlines, moors, footpaths, towpaths, green lanes and the odd road, with the final destination being London in November. Every few days, Anna publishes her route for others to join her, and in doing so becoming part of her story.

Having read Anna’s book ‘Pants of Perspective’ describing her running the Aotearoa Trail, which goes bottom to top the entirety of New Zealand, Esme Moffett (East Devon Round’s partner in chief) saw on social media Anna was due to run from Exeter to Honiton that day. Having only given birth 5 weeks earlier, Esme put her running trainers on slightly earlier than intended to accompany Anna on the last 4 miles into Honiton, as it was simply too good an option to miss out on. I couldn’t have been prouder of her. What is more, is she (Esme) makes it seem so normal!

What Anna is doing is an incredibly awe inspiring achievement (just watching her run over beech nuts made me wince) but more than that the manner in which she is doing it – spreading joy, friendship, and an ‘anything is possible’ attitude with a healthy dose of girl power is a pretty uplifting experience. The Girl Guides were also out to meet her as she made her way to St Paul’s church in the centre of Honiton. It was a privilege to join her for 0.001% of her journey. You can see what Anna thought of Bonnie (our daughter) and Esme in her Instagram post pictured below. Get a look at @AnnaMcNuff on Instagram for updates or

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